I lost 10 Lbs in January!

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Warning – Vulnerable post coming at you!

So yeah, I’ve lost 10 lbs in January…woo hoo!  The thing is, it was not easy.  Losing weight is never easy.  Everyone would be skinny then…am I right?

So let me back track to December where I gorged myself on not so low carb foods and I paid the price of tighter jeans.  January came, and of course, I made a resolution to drop these last stubborn 50 lbs once and for all!  I was successful in losing 10 of those pounds, but I also had to lose a whole lot of excuses and do a whole lot of soul searching.

I had so many excuses of why I didn’t need to lose anymore weight!  Like…I would have to buy all new clothes.  I mean, what woman complains about that!?

I also tried to convince myself that I am comfortable at this weight.  But if I was comfortable, why am I constantly thinking about losing this weight?  Then I had a real heart to heart with myself and I thought, “Do you really want to continue thinking about losing weight for the next 10 or 20 years when you can just do the damn thing!”  Do I really want to still be thinking about losing weight when I’m 50 or 60 years old?  The answer is, no!

I have another big fear, and that is type 2 diabetes.  What a scary, but preventable disease.

I’m still struggling with my mindset of “just one treat won’t hurt.”  But it will hurt!  One treat turns into a week of falling off track then I’m right back where I started.  Just today I took my kids to the library then we were headed home.  It was lunch time and I was thinking that we should stop somewhere and get some lunch (I was really thinking ice cream).  My son wanted to go home, so after I got my brain back on track, I thought “Why was it so easy to convince myself to eat something so full of sugar?”   I then realized I forgot to take my probiotic and pink drink this morning.  These 2 things have been pivotal in the month of January.  They have helped me combat my sugar cravings like nothing else.

I actually stopped my probiotic and pink drink in December…look where that got me.

If you are struggling with sugar cravings, even after dropping sugar from your diet, send me a message.

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