Are you tired of making 2 meals at dinner?  My recipes are low carb and I show you how I serve up these recipes to my family.  Let’s face it…kids think zucchini noodles are creatures from the black lagoon…at least mine think that about zucchini noodles and anything else that resembles a vegetable.  And by kids, I mean my 2 kids and my husband ?

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Back in 2009 I discovered the low carb lifestyle and I never looked back.  It helped me lose over 60 lbs so I know it is an effective weight loss strategy that is healthy and how our bodies are supposed to live.  I created a free guide that provides you with my top 10 low carb tips.  Get that free low carb guide here!

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Glad you asked!  Low Carb with Jennifer was founded by me, Jennifer Banz (that’s me over there with the loves of my life, minus my husband).

I am crazy about helping others find an easier way to lose weight, other than eating rice cakes, turkey bacon, and black bean pasta; and I love sharing all of my tips that have helped me lose over 60 lbs!  You may think that eating low carb is difficult, but it’s really not!  I hope this little blog can provide easy and tasty low carb recipes that you will love for years to come and that you can serve your family!

Let’s be BFFs, okay?

I would love for any of my recipe photos to be shared in a round-up style post!  All I ask is that you only post the photo, not the recipe, and credit the photo with a link back to my recipe.

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