Try this low carb burger bowl the next time you have a burger craving. It will not disappoint.

Low Carb Burger Bowl with Paprika Aioli

I think this is my new favorite way to eat a burger.  Juicy hamburger, crisp spinach and tomatoes, salty blue cheese, delicious avocado, and an amazing paprika aioli that I could eat on anything. […]

low carb breakfast hash

Low Carb Breakfast Hash

A hash usually consists of some type of potato…so what is a low carb goddess supposed to do when you want some darn breakfast hash?  Use celeriac of course!  Just look at that […]

roast chicken with lemon and thyme

Roast Chicken with Lemon and Thyme

It doesn’t get any more classic than roast chicken.  This roast chicken with lemon and thyme is so succulent, juicy, and flavorful, you will be oohing and aahing at every bite.  I’m not […]

low carb cranberry almond chicken salad

Cranberry Almond Chicken Salad

I freaking love chicken salad!  Well, let me rephrase that…I freaking love GOOD chicken salad!  Which means I have to make my own because any chicken salad you find in the grocery store […]

Low Carb Matcha Latte

The health benefits of matcha are well known…that’s why I love to have a low carb matcha latte every morning!   You will be surprised at just how tasty it is!   Have you […]

Low carb tamale pie without all of the carb guilt!

Low Carb Tamale Pie

This low carb tamale pie is so comforting and delicious, everyone you serve it to will be asking for the recipe!   I hope everyone is having nice weather where you’re at!  It […]