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Low Carb Smoothies - the Essentials!

Low Carb Smoothies – the Essentials!

Look no further…this is your one stop low carb smoothie reference! I even share my favorite combo! I’ve got fruits, superfoods, fats, and sweeteners all covered!

low carb breakfast hash

Low Carb Breakfast Hash

Want to see my daily low carb eats?  Check out my Instagram or Facebook! A hash usually consists of some type of potato…so what is a low carb goddess supposed to do when you want some darn breakfast hash?  Use celeriac of course!  Just look at that gorgeousness! Have you ever tried celeriac?  What the […]

low carb chia pudding

Almond and Cinnamon Low Carb Chia Pudding

Want to see my daily low carb eats?  Check out my Instagram or Facebook! I have recently become obsessed with chia pudding!  What is chia pudding you ask?  well, when you soak chia seeds in a liquid, they absorb that liquid and become soft…like a pudding!  They really are so versatile and they take on […]


Crustless Quiche with Bacon and Brie

This crustless quiche with bacon and brie is a great low carb take on a brunch classic. You could call it crustless quiche or you could call it a frittata. I just call it yummy.

The lemon zest in these low carb pancakes give them so much flavor without adding to the carb count! Enjoy these with sugar free syrup and lots of butter.

Low Carb Pancakes with Lemon

Low carb pancakes that are this delicious bring back vivid childhood memories of waking up on Sunday morning to my dad making us homemade pancakes.  I love hot pancakes with butter and cold syrup.  Yes, cold syrup.  There is just something amazing that happens in your mouth when the hot pancakes meet the cold maple syrup […]

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